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Closing gaps in access to our vote.

Founded in 2022, F.A.I.R. Voting Alliance was established in order to advocate for and in partnership with BPOC committees that are often marginalized from the civic process. We've made tremendous impact thanks to the help of members and volunteers in the Flint and Detroit metro areas, providing our services in community colleges, jails and local resource fair events. The core of our work lies in the passion to circumvent the economic ramifications of when Black and Brown citizens do not vote. In understanding that access to the ballot goes further than public policy and added polling places, we work to educate and equip communities that are too often overlooked in the election process. 

Go Vote

Our Story

After coordinating with several statewide institutions, nonprofit organization and community groups to establish and expand more inclusive election procedures, Percy Glover established F.A.I.R. Fair Access and Inclusive Rights.
Elections are a right, not a privilege, but when officials, especially elected officials, allow for certain groups to be left out of the understanding and participating in elections, the negative impacts compound in areas where less robust voter participation is concentrated. These defeating, often economic ramifications include dilapidated social services, underdeveloped educational institutions, dehumanizing detention conditions and even a complete lack of access to public officials. 

This alliance organizations was established with the intent of reaching into the most marginalized communities no matter where they are, from jails and detention centers to the depths of ostracized neighborhoods to provide resources, equip voters and strengthen community engagement in all local and statewide elections especially. 

Partners & Sponsors

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